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Codie’s Message

Hi there everyone! My name is Codie Costello. I’m the president and chief operating officer of Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Saying hello to all of you out there in Zoomland from my home office. I sure do miss seeing all of you at the PAC.

Now would be about the time you’d be hearing exciting news from our resident companies, and our other producing partners about the 20/21 season offering. We’re just not quite there yet. Over the next few weeks, all of us here at the PAC along with the Municipality of Anchorage are going to be waiting to see how the phase back plan is working, and our goal is to ensure that our community is on that path towards being able to host events safely before we make any announcements for next season.

In the meantime, I would like to say thank you so much to all of you for your patience and support as we worked with our different partners on rescheduling events, processing refunds and exchanges, and thank you to so many of you that have been able to donate tickets back to our partners. Your generosity has been truly amazing. Thank you so much.

We are thrilled that a number of events have been rescheduled for next season, and we’ll be together again for sure, at the PAC to enjoy them together with you. In the meantime, we are working on evolving our operations to help keep you and the many artists who grace our beautiful stages safe when we are able to welcome you back inside. We’ll be sharing more details on that in the coming weeks as those things develop and get solidified.

Many of you have asked a number of us, how can you help? Well, first and foremost, please, please continue to take great care of yourself, your family and each other. Anchorage and Alaska has been doing such an incredible job. And when we are able to announce the 20/21 season offering, you can support all of us, all the performing arts groups, by purchasing those subscriptions and tickets. You can hang onto the tickets to rescheduled events that I was talking about. You can donate tickets back, or you can donate directly to any of the organizations that you love, whatever is right for you and whenever it’s right for you. You can engage with us on social media, Facebook and Instagram, in particular, for the PAC. We’ll be sharing lots of great information, content and stories for you to enjoy. And, while many of us are working from home, we do have key staff available to support you during the week, Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 4pm. You can call our CenterTix team. They’re at (907) 263-ARTS. That’s (907) 263-2787. And they’re there to help you with any of your ticketing questions or needs.

We do look forward to when we’re able to safely host events again, and say, “Come on in!” We’re so excited for next season when that does happen, and when we can return from our extended intermission, if you will. So, again, thank you so much. Please continue to take care of yourself, and we sure look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible. Take care, and we’ll talk again soon.

Thank you!

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