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Broadway Alaska Subscriber Agreement

  • All tickets (including all Broadway Alaska subscription tickets and any add-on tickets to individual performances) are personal privileges that, except as otherwise provided by law, are revocable at will in the sole discretion of Broadway Alaska and/or CenterTix. Tickets may be revoked with or without cause, for reasons that include but are not limited to improper conduct by patrons, Subscribers, guests, or other holders of the tickets, and non-usage of the tickets.  

  • Broadway Alaska and the Producer shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to implement ticket purchase limits on any basis, including without limitation per person, subscription package or holder, membership, credit card account, email address, billing address, subscriber account address or number, phone number, IP address, performance, show engagement, special event, or otherwise. In the event a person, including any Broadway Alaska Subscriber, purchases more tickets than allowed under any applicable limit, Broadway Alaska and/or the Producer, each in its own discretion [and with or without notice to the purchaser], through CenterTix may revoke and issue refunds to the purchaser for those tickets purchased in excess of the applicable limit, and may revoke remaining subscription seats and subscription renewal privileges. To address attempts to circumvent any such limit, CenterTix may implement any necessary procedures for tracking ticket transfers and purchases. 

  • Seat locations for subscription tickets are subject to availability. Subscriber seats may be relocated for a particular performance if necessitated by production design requirements, due to limited or obstructed views, or for other reasons. In such cases, subscribers will be contacted to be relocated to the best available seating. No refunds will be provided if subscription seats need to be relocated. For certain shows, the Producer may open seating in the Orchestra Pit. Although CenterTix will make good faith attempts to notify Subscribers in the first row to facilitate the exchange of existing seats into the newly opened locations for that show, there is no guarantee as to such relocation, and tickets for existing subscriber seats are not subject to a refund in these instances. 

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