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Broadway Alaska Subscriber Benefits

  • After the renewal period, subscribers may have opportunities to exchange full packages into newly available seats. Package prices may vary and all additional charges will be processed at the time of exchange. There are no refunds for downgrades.  

  • Exchange period for individual Broadway Alaska events within a package will be available at a date determined by Broadway Alaska. Subscription exchange requests will be accepted by CenterTix at that time. 

  • If a Broadway Alaska Subscriber cannot attend a performance on the date listed on the subscription tickets, the tickets may be exchanged for another performance of the same show. All such exchange requests must be made at least two business days before the earlier of either the performance date on the tickets or the requested alternative performance date. These subscription ticket exchange requests may be made online or by phone. All such requests are subject to the availability of tickets for the requested alternative performance date.  

  • The total cost of the subscription as stated on the subscription invoice, reflects the sum of the face value price of the subscription tickets plus applicable season service charges, handling and facility fees, and applicable taxes. The price stated on the Broadway Alaska subscription ticket includes the face value price and facility fees. As such, the face value price stated on subscription tickets may be less than the total cost of the season package. 

  • Exchange of Broadway Alaska subscription tickets may result in additional charges. Any additional charges incurred in connection with the exchange request—for example, any increase in ticket prices due to a more favorable seat location or higher priced performance date—will be processed at the time of the request.  

  • No refunds or credits will be issued in the case of exchanges to lower priced tickets or performances.  

  • Broadway Alaska subscription ticket exchanges are on a best available basis and may not be available to the desired performance date or in the desired seating area. 

  • Broadway Alaska subscription ticket downgrades are not refundable.  

  • Broadway Alaska tickets cannot be exchanged from one production to another. 

  • Add-on individual Broadway Alaska tickets fall outside of the subscription agreement. Add-on tickets will become available on a date determined by Broadway Alaska. Single ticket policies apply to all subscriber add-on ticket purchases, and purchase limits may apply.  

  • Broadway Alaska subscription renewals will begin on a date determined by Broadway Alaska. 

  • Pricing and restrictions related to Broadway Alaska subscription purchases are subject to change from season to season. 

  • Although Broadway Alaska anticipates that Account Holders will have the privilege to renew a Subscription for the next season, such renewal privileges are extended at the option and in the sole discretion of Broadway Alaska and may be revoked or cancelled at any time for any reason. As well, CenterTix in its sole discretion on behalf of Broadway Alaska and for any reason may change the seat location(s) previously assigned to any such subscription. All subscriptions not purchased by the renewal deadline date indicated online at, at, and on the season ticket renewal invoice will be released by CenterTix for sale. 

  • If a subscription is not renewed by a Broadway Alaska Subscriber, CenterTix will not honor any requests to “will” or transfer subscription seats to another patron. Unrenewed seats will be opened for sale after the renewal deadline has passed. In the case of death, CenterTix must be contacted by the executor of the Account Holder’s estate in order to make any changes or transfers. These such transfer requests are at the sole discretion of  CenterTix and may not be honored. 

  • If a Broadway Alaska Subscriber misses a designated performance, CenterTix will work in good faith to offer tickets to another performance, but such accommodation is not guaranteed. In the event of a missed performance, there will be no refunds. Before purchasing seats for any Broadway Alaska presentation, please know that all sales are final. 

  • Upon receipt of Broadway Alaska subscription tickets for any full or partial season subscription (including any additional single performance tickets purchased in connection with the subscription), risk of loss of the tickets shall pass to the Broadway Alaska Subscriber. If tickets are lost or stolen, and if the original purchaser of the ticket(s) contacts CenterTix at least one (1) hour in advance of the performance, CenterTix will issue replacement tickets for the same performance date and seats as on the stolen or lost tickets. Alaska PAC shall not be obligated to admit the ticket holder or guests to a performance unless the original tickets or legitimate replacement tickets are presented at the time of the performance.  

  • Should Broadway Alaska or Producer cancel, without replacing, a show included in a Broadway Alaska season ticket package, CenterTix may provide refunds of the face value price of the subscription tickets for the cancelled show. Such refunds of Broadway Alaska subscription tickets will not otherwise affect the remaining productions included in the Broadway Alaska subscription. Broadway Alaska subscriptions, including tickets for any individual show or performance, are not otherwise refundable except at CenterTix’s sole discretion.  

  • In planning each season’s performances, care is taken to avoid scheduling changes of any kind. However, prices, shows, dates, schedules, venues, and artists are subject to change without notice. All sales are final, and no refunds will be made for these types of changes except as expressly stated herein.  

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