Assistant House Manager

Works with front of house event staff and volunteers, clients and vendors, to create a welcoming and safe experience for patrons attending events.

Job Details



Assistant House Manager

Emplyoyment Type



Patron Services

Salary Range

starting at $13.00 per hour

Scheduled Hours

Varies; on-call



Reports to

Audience Services Manager


Event Volunteers, Contract Security Personnel


October 2023


As our Assistant House Manager, you will assist the House Manager in the responsibility of patron safety and memorable experience while attending performances at Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. You will have interactions with the public, our Ushering in the Arts ushers, and staff for all public events. You are there to help the House Manager, usher needs, interact with patrons and staff.

For a typical event you need to prepare the space and Assist the House Manager:

  • Exemplifies great customer service.

  • Assist Opening the lobby, unlock theatre and elevator doors,

  • Know how to use a radio for communicating to Security, House Manager, Captains and Staff

  • Know your event, client, artist title, what this performance is about.

  • Assist House Manager in briefing ushers

  • Oversee Fire Panel watch/management of the building.

  • Assist with emergencies.


Our ideal candidate must show good multitasking skills, great communication and customer service. This positions schedule is based on your availability and the performance schedule.  Scheudles are published 1 month at a time. 

The Alaska Center For The Performing Arts Is An Equal Opportunity Employer