Leadership & Staff

The PAC’s hardworking and devoted staff brings our mission to life every day with their passion, creativity and talent.

The PAC team is committed to our mantra of “We P.A.V.E. the way for magically memorable experiences … every day.” With our company values of WElcoming, Professional, Accessible, Versatile, and Engaging, the staff at the PAC is here to support dreams coming to life, no matter the size!



Codie Costello

President & COO, ACPA and General Manager, Broadway Alaska

Erynn Bell

Director of Development & Philanthropy

Alexis Buhrman

Director of Marketing and Sales

Marygrace McManus

Executive Assistant

Mark Florez

IT Manager

Hope Quarles

Business Manager

Lauren Rice

Community Engagement Manager

Event Operations

Our stellar team is here to assist!
Main line: 907.263.2900
Email: [email protected]



Cindy Hamilton

VP Operations

Erin Keeling

Volunteer Coordinator

Marcia Maxwell

Audience Services Coordinator

Ushering in the Arts

Volunteer Desk

Production Team

We're here to bring your vision to the stage!
Main line: 907.263.2900
Email: [email protected]



Michael Lance

Director of Production

Tyler Carlson

Production Manager

Shalyn Clark

Production Manager

Wendy Odden

Production Manager

Morgan Porter

Production Technician

Shawn Ruddy

Production Technician



John Fraser

Director of Ticketing

Max Aronson

Subscription & Membership Coordinator

Ajanae Johnson

Assistant Box Office Manager

Miki McKay

Box Office Manager

Richard Tillman

Ticketing Systems Administrator



Shane Porter

Director of Facility

Jax Bowman

Security Manager

Joe Williamson

Maintenance Manager