House Manager

Works with front of house event staff and volunteers, clients and vendors, to create a welcoming and safe experience for patrons attending events.

Job Details



House Manager

Emplyoyment Type



Patron Services

Salary Range

starting at $15.00 per hour

Scheduled Hours

Varies; on-call



Reports to

Audience Services Manager


Event Volunteers, Contract Security Personnel


December 2021


The House Manager works with front of house event staff and volunteers, clients and vendors, to create a welcoming and safe experience for patrons attending events. The House Manager is a versatile team player, who works in multiple spaces throughout the facility. House Managers pave the way for magically, memorable experiences at the PAC every day!

Responsibilities & Duties

1. Manages front of house operations at events

  • Prepares and oversees all front of house spaces and equipment for event.

  • Communicates with event staff.

  • Coordinates volunteer operations throughout event, including orientation and onthe-job training, enforcing volunteer policies and standards.

  • Submits all event written reports.

  • Effectively manages crowd control and directs flow of traffic.

  • Executes merchandise sales settlements.

  • Checks in with customers and vendors, resolving questions and concerns, in coordination with Administrators on Duty.

2. Engages with audience members

  • Provides customer service and resolves front of house issues with patrons, volunteers, clients and vendors, in coordination with Administrators on Duty.

  • Welcomes patrons with disabilities, providing direction and equipment.

  • Coordinates efforts during emergency evacuations, following established emergency protocol.

  • Reports health emergencies and security concerns to appropriate event staff.

3. Performs other duties, as required


  • Must be 21 years of age or older.

  • Must have at least 2 years of experience in event management, or equivalent field.

  • Must have at least 3 years of experience as a front-line supervisor.

  • Certifications in first aid, CPR and/or crowd management, preferred.

  • Background in the performing arts, preferred.

  • Experience with volunteer work, preferred.

  • Experience with customer service and/or conflict resolution, preferred.

  • Demonstrated ability to juggle multiple tasks and priorities, and interface with multiple customers at once.

  • Demonstrated ability to listen and engage with people, identifying and troubleshooting any challenges.

  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication.

  • Demonstrated experience working with people from different backgrounds and abilities. Experience working with people with disabilities is a plus.

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain professional composure in tense situations.

Physical Demands of Position

  • Stand, sit, stoop, walk, and navigate stairs.

  • Lift or move 30 pounds; move 50 pounds.

  • Quick navigation in response to emergencies.

Reasonable accommodation will be explored to enable persons with disabilities to perform essential functions of the job.

Work Environment

  • Duties are performed in crowded, occasionally dim theatre and lobby spaces with moderate to occasionally high noise levels.

Appearance and Dress

  • Business casual, appropriate to a patron-facing position.

The Alaska Center For The Performing Arts Is An Equal Opportunity Employer