Security Officer

Job Details



Security Officer

Employment Type




Salary Range

Starting at $15.00/hour

Scheduled Hours

Varies; on-call



Reports to

Security Manager


May 2023


As our security officer, you are who keeps safety and security for the building and interacts with the most diverse people in the organization. You greet staff, clients, patrons, talent, and guests as they enter the backstage area of the building, along with interactions with the houseless population. This position is front facing, as well as working in a pendulum of a fast-paced environment to a slower, monitoring position.

To thrive in this role, you must have solid customer service and interpersonal skills, the ability to de-escalate tense individuals, and the ability to remain calm in emergency situations.

Our ideal candidate is understanding, kind, detailed and safety oriented.

In a typical day you will:

  • Verify all individuals’ identities that attempt to gain access to the building.

  • Monitor closed circuit cameras.

  • Perform security rounds around the building.

Hours per week vary and are flexible. We can work around other job schedules. Our hours fluctuate based on what is occurring in the building, especially while a show is running. Typically, we require nights and weekend availability. Shifts are generally 8 hours any day of the week. These hours may extend during performances and other backstage activities, sometimes extending to 2-3 AM.

The Alaska Center For The Performing Arts Is An Equal Opportunity Employer